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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pesta Tanglung UMP: Candid Shots

Decoration Unit: They'll make anything so-so into pweittie. pweitie sky tho. ^^
Sponsorship Unit: money come in money in in, The most "quiet" unit coz no money no talk.
Program Unit: they run the program, they run the competition, they run to class everyday ;p
MT: The top Guys, introducting papas and mamas of the family. who say they are among those serious pple? they're just kiddos.
Editorial Unit: they make everyone famous. we're on magazines!!!!
Protocol Unit: we must sit according to the protocols, right then left. Look at them, they're just protocoling.
Expo Unit: Oooh, another big unit. They make things big during event day.
Souvenir Unit: they'll give everything to u for FREE. just take anything from them.

Tradisional Dance Team: We went DISCO every saturday nite.hahaha. joking ;p
Publicity Unit: Nice Shirt? ITS our design!!!
Season Drums Team: They couldn't find place to pose without DRUMS, thats why they're acting funny.
Logistic Unit: We find seats for everyone and finally We found ourselves a place to sit

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Katedral Mesias, new landmark for Jakarta

MEGA church in Jakarta, Katedral Mesias. After 16 years and its here.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mooncake Dedication UMP

First of all, this is for UMP students only.

We will be selling mooncakes starting this week 8th September 2008. We will be doing this in dedication style. We are selling 2 mooncakes for RM3 and will be packed nicely with a cute note on it.

Below is a picture of a mooncake, available in 3 flavours (Red Bean paste, White Bean paste and Pandan paste) 2 mooncakes for RM 3.

If you’re interested, kindly reply the memo posted by Sia Chiong Huo or visits the counter at cafĂ©.

pic taken by Fui Corp. ^^
further info, kindly visit

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tapah, Perak

Yeap, i went back to celebrate my grandpa bd, and im not used to write long essays. so here the pics

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shots from House

Now you see what i see ^^

Stormy evening

Cloudy nite

Gonna get darker

Rain + Lil Light

Morning Dusk

Look at the water, mini mirror

Nice evening, Lets go jogging

All this pics was taken with my K800 and from a very same spot.