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Friday, April 25, 2008

East Coast Mall - Kuantan

YES! there is a new mall in Kuantan, the East Coast Mall.. Yeap Kuantan is east coast. From outlook, it is bigger than Berjaya Megamall Kuantan with new branded outlets. Lets not talk, just take a look

will be officially open on the 30th April 2008. Temporary only carrefour is open.

The Tenants

Carrefour - finally~
Padini Concept Store - shopping spree~
Brands Outlet
MNG Outlet
Baskin Robbins - 31st will be celebrating in Kuantan.muahahahaha
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee - Donuts!!!!!!!!!!
Focus Point
GNC Livewell
Living Cabin
Lovely Lace
Memory Lane
Pizza Hut - another pizzas but where is shakey's?
Poh Kong
Sa Sa
Sox World
Starbucks Coffee
Sony Centre
The Body Shop
Wah Chan

The Location

Kuantan is City, not Town. ^^Kuantan rox

For more info, click here

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Art of Forgiveness

Is forgiveness an art? Yes. It takes a lot of time to discipline your character to actually forgive others. All of us have someone we don't like. Some of us may even have people we hate and want to see dead. If you have any unsettled resentment, continue to read on. My friend, learn to forgive~~

“Tout comprendre rend tres indulgent” -To understand everything is to forgive everything

We have all done things that we are not proud of. Perhaps we were not there for a friend when they needed us, or we may have been responsible for unhappiness in our family. These sorts of past actions can leave us feeling ashamed and guilty, and we can end up carrying our guilt for years.

Guilt is probably one of the most debilitating and negative emotions there is, one that can, and often does, destroy a person's life. But if we want to live happy lives, we need to deal with the consequences of our past actions and not allow our lives to be wracked with guilt. Feeling guilty should not be confused with taking responsibility for our past. Taking responsibility means that we actively address the consequences of our actions in whatever way we can, in particular changing our behavior patterns. Taking responsibility also includes moving on by making peace with the past.

Unlike taking responsibility, which is redeeming and positive, guilt has absolutely no value. Guilt does not encourage us to change in positive ways but debilitates us, leaving us unable to take the action we need to bring about change.

"Let us forget and forgive injuries"

As a behavior pattern, guilt often becomes a self-perpetuating cycle: we do something, we feel guilty about it, we punish ourselves and, because we feel bad, we end up repeating our behavior at the next available opportunity.

The debilitating cycle of guilt continues largely because we do not take full responsibility for our actions or for changing our behavior. But how do we start the process of taking responsibility? By considering, with complete honesty, the part we play in any situation and accepting our role in creating events.

The purpose of this self-examination is to evaluate truthfully whatever occurred so that we can learn how we contributed. Through learning and honest self-assessment, we change our thinking and behavior. We can also forgive ourselves and move on with experience and wisdom.

“To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it”

In this process, forgiveness is vital. However, forgiveness is not what we generally believe it to be.

True forgiveness is contained in its literal meaning. The word "forgive" is very old, and the prefix "for" means literally "to reject." So the word as a whole means "to reject the giving."
We need "to reject the giving" because, if we think we have wronged someone, we use our sense of guilt to "give" to that person. By giving, we hope to make it better, and to exonerate ourselves from our actions. Conversely, if we feel that someone has wronged us, we will continue to demand payment for that offense.

But giving from a sense of guilt can never lead to forgiveness. Neither can forgiveness be bestowed by another; it has to be brought about by ourselves. In the end, unless we can reject all this giving and truly forgive ourselves, we can never really move on and be free of the past.

“Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation”

How does forgiveness work in practice? Say that you have taken responsibility for your past by changing your behavior. The reality is that you can still have unresolved feelings about what you have done.

By simply feeling bad about the past, we never really move on. What's more, we imply that the past is meaningless and has no value. What a waste. For, if we have caused harm, surely we should try to learn from our actions rather than living with a heap of regrets? The process of forgiveness enables you to resolve unresolved feelings so that you can move on.

Forgiving ourselves means finding value in any experience. Instead of just writing off an experience as a painful episode, we should look for the value in that experience and try to take out of the experience whatever we can learn.

Much of our learning does come about through painful experiences, but in order to move on it is important to focus on the learning rather than the pain.

By searching for learning and value from our past, we ensure that there is no more need to give or demand payment; we can, indeed, "reject the giving" and so forgive.

To take meaning and value out of any situation, simply ask, "What has this taught me? What lessons can I learn: about myself, about others and about my life? How can I use this new knowledge to change my thinking and behavior and help others avoid the same trap?"
In this light our past, instead of being meaningless and shameful, has a positive and life-enhancing value. By learning to handle our past, and by taking the steps to forgive ourselves in the true sense of the word, we can let go of the debilitating consequences of guilt, and finally move on.

"Lack of forgiveness is holding on to a burning coal despite the hurt in the hopes that it is burning and hurting someone else"

Last word, everyone make mistakes, forgiving is the key. Why do we choose to live in burden if there is another route to happiness?

Quotes by
Miguel de Cervantes
Roberto Assagioli
Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stress Recipe

A spoon-full of assignments, a tea-spoon of test, and a pinch of finals. An extra electronic project to spice it up and few reports to make it look sumptous. Just another well done fine dish for a growing up young man. This meal aint easy, a careless little move, a slight mistake in time arrangement, or lazy bones will screw up my life. Another tough week.

Eventhough its been another tough week, having test 2 in this week and next week, assignments coming in 1 by 1, just a week b4 study week with a unfinished project and then finals awaiting. Today still having another meeting to build up a model for the lab project, but i'm relieved to have 2 good and cooperative group members with this head- aching project. Let me introduce this 2 respected individuals, first is Mustafa and the next is Fashidah. Working with them is enjoyable, they are effective and very fun to work with. Thanks guys !!

Everything turn out in order and we managed to finish the model before dinner, we had a lil chit-chatting and the most surprising news is knowing Mustafa was my kindergarden mate. Such a wonderful thing to get back to those memories. Knowing their backgrounds get us a lil more bonded, neways another wonderful day with 2 great outcomes. To all my frens, I'm going back to KL for few days during study week starting (19/4), so see u guys there. Wish me luck for finals ^^

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

>Useless CopyCat<

Malaysia is not fair” an old phrase that everyone is already aware of. So what happened now until I rephrase this noble sentence? Today in lab, as usual this guy, name not to be mentioned copied my work, fine!!!! It is fine for me to let someone else to copy my work with his expected little effort. The only thing he annoys me is that he's copying effortlessly, sentences by sentences, words by words, alphabets by alphabets. So now I’m wondering how he manages to get so far in his studies just by copying others.

Plagiarism!!! Ok fine, let him copy, such a useless person will never go anywhere in future. In his “process of getting answers” from me, he disturbed me A LOT. WTH you’re copying and you’re taking away my paper when I was doing my work? He’s not doing his work, he’s copying, he’s disturbing me, and he’s not allowing me to do my work. Where is his self-respect? He’s getting marks for 0 efforts and I’m not getting my expected marks with my own efforts. I’m aware many people at my age not been selected into universities because “government” gave chances to such useless fuckers and yet they yelled they weren’t getting enough on what they wanted.

p/s guys, every single words written is not meant to hurt anyone or being discriminative. So Peace!!

Neways at last, I remained calm ^^ and writing here to share my esp and a lil dissatisfaction.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

<< Rocking in Kuantan >>

Hohoho, today went out to Kuantan to celeb my BD ^^. Thx CCF, Astro guy(TB), Wynn-jie and Ninja(Renzi) for da day.

Been a tired day, but yet was fun. Went to do laundry and bot few electronic components for my lab project. We went for a movie title Three Kingdoms too. The movie was excellent since i give face to Wah Chai and sexy Maggie Q lor ^^. Popcorns as breakfast, Pizza as lunch and Secret Recipe as dinner as usual, ntg suites us the city boys. hahaha

Read more bout Three Kingdoms here. Andy still so yeng zai, Maggie too nvr look better.

Hmm, heres da pic taken with my k800i. 3.2 k, dun play play. Rite fabes?

Heres da shop i went, so not in order. Took me 30 min waiting him to get me just a few components. Neways, i was told this shop was da best.

Heres wynn-jie, she ss taking own photo and yet not clear. hahaha. She kept complaining bout her tummy =.= and telling us not to look at her tummy. Actually she was trying to promote her tummy *grins*. Guess wat.. we mai look lor, no rugi geh ma ^^. hehe. I know she'll come and visit here, feel lucky gal coz i din post ur tummy up here, i noe ur tummy is loaded with corns, pizza and cakes. Coz i know i'll be dead tmr if i did, ninja'll come kill me ;p

The Cakes
Ma Bd cake - Choc Banana, very nice!!!! got the aroma from banana and the indulgence from Choc indulgence ^^, Wynn having the same cake too.
Ccf having this - Cheeze Choc
Mr tio - Blueberry Cheese, doesn look very nice but its tasty tho, i rmb did this once with kok
This one is Renzi's, not photogenic, so i took it with xtra stuff, look nicer rite?
And this funny pics i took on da way back to campus
We shall wear helmet in campus, inside car too. lol
Our UMP is more like a jail now.
Lastly, thx again guys, having a very fun day ^^


Yeap, this is my name in chinese. So stop laughing im banana so wateva, at least i know how to write my very own name in chinese. Im just english educated and never been formally studying in chinese school, but with xtra tuition for a period of time im now considered "ok" with chinese.

With my chinese hardcore frens in UMP now, sumtims im pushed to speak in mandarin and eventually im a lil improved compared last time. muahahaha. My mum told me once wat my name means but im not quite clear bout it now. lol. This year i had a credit hour mandarin class. Its not easy even tho its just std1 lvl. I hafta put a lil effort in it too. Hopefully pass lar. hahahahaha. Surely will very paiseh if secretary 1 fail mandarin. =.=

饶锦辉 - rao jin hui. So this is how it reads. ^^ banana rocks

Friday, April 4, 2008


It's freaking me out, I'll go watch files to be downloaded byte by byte from the very 0% till 100%. But now i got a new addiction, very similar with the time to grow process aka download files. lol. Its the myminicity, a web based sim typed game thats similar to Sim City, the population, industries etc will grow with every single visit from different PC everyday. The fun thing is its a game and i dun hafta put my life into it, lol.

Below here is my soon gonna be metropolis city, I'm gonna rule the world *grins*


So come visit and build my city ^^. Click here to grow the population and here to grow the industry. Thx yo

Thursday, April 3, 2008

最長的電影 - zui chang de dian ying - The Longest Movie

This is one of the most touching song after Because I'm a Girl, hahaha. Felt so gam dung just by watching the MV.

Zui Chang De Dian Ying by Jay Chou


Da Story-My definition
There was a boy, and he knew a girl.
Because the girl is blind,
He always be around her protecting her.
The girl ask why he's always so good( in fighting),
He answered "to protect her".
She always wanted to look at the boy.
One day, the girl left to cure her eyes.
Before she left, she left a little gift to him, her hair band.

When he grew up,
He finally found back the girl.
The girl didn't realise until
She found the little gift she gave to the boy.
But, unfortunately it was too late.

means at last she also didn't manage to really look at him


Da Lyrics
最長的電影 - zui chang de dian ying - The Longest Movie

Wo men de kai shi
shi hen chang de dian ying
Fang ying le san nian
Wo piao dou hai liu zhe
Bing shang de ba lei nao hai zhong hai zai xuan zhuan
Wang zhe ni man man wang ji ni

##朦朧的時間 我們溜了多遠
Meng long de shi jian Wo men liu le duo yuan
冰刀劃的圈 圈起了誰改變
Bing dao hua de quan Quan qi le shei gai bian
如果再重來 會不會稍嫌狼狽
Ru guo zai chong lai Hui bu hui shao xian lang bei
愛是不是不開口才珍貴 ##
Ai shi bu shi bu kai kou cai zhen gui

** 再給我兩分鐘
zai gei wo liang fen zhong  
Rang wo ba ji yi jie cheng bing
Bie rong hua le yan lei
Ni zhuang dou hua le
Yao wo zen me ji de
Ji de ni jiao wo wang le ba
Ji de ni jiao wo wang le ba
Ni shuo ni hui ku
不是因為在乎 **
Bu shi yin wei zai hu

Repeat ## **

~English translated from lyrics~

Our relationship is the longest movie
It has been showing for three years
I'm still keeping the ticket
The ballet on ice is still revolving in my mind
Looking at yet slowly forgetting you
In the haze of time How far we have skated
The circles made by the skates' blades, whoever's in it changes
If we could start all over again, will it be a tad too awkward
Is love more precious when it is kept in the heart?
Please give me two more minutes
Let me freeze these memories forever
Don't let your tears fall
Smudging your makeup
How can I remember?
I remember you told me to forget
I remember you told me to forget
You said you would cry
But not because you care

-to be uploaded later coz uni line blocked u-tube @@ -

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Myself ^^ and Aprilfool too. Fool everyone but Fool me not