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Friday, May 9, 2008

Beware bloggers

are u a blogger?
are u Malaysian?
then u should beware, here is a news taken from The Star 8th May 2008

click on pic to enlarge, u can read better.
We Malaysian don't have the freedom to voice out our opinion, even in cyberworld. Another crap from gov

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday CK

Its ice cream cake, wah ^^
the fattening one

Monday, May 5, 2008

East Coast Mall 2

Hmm, lets see. So i went there twice already and i noticed few weaknesses

1. The escalators are located at the both ends of the mall, therefore customers have to walk at least half the mall to reach next level. Then another half a mall to reach to another level. The lifts too located almost at the same place.

2. The escalator is freaking slow. You'll fall asleep waiting up/down to next level. I counted approx 1 minute. =.=

3. The washrooms, its hard to find. When u found it, you have to walk into maze-like before reaching the toilet. I tried once, and i almost end up in ladies' washroom accidently. I'm not sure all are similar but the one i went in yes.

Lets not talk bout weaknesses only, heres the good side.

1. First Carrefour in Kuantan ^^ means got cheap sushi and sashimi to devour. hahahaha

2. First SushiKing means sushis again

3. First Baskin Robbins. ngek ngek ngek. don't have to go back KL every 31st now ^^

4. First Big Apple Donuts & Coffee . YES. donuts!!!

5. Another lepaking spot. hahahahaha