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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Malaysia petrol price increase again!!

Petrol price cost RM2.70 starting 5 June 2008 Malaysia time, an increase of 40.625% which means

Milo at mamak RM 2.50
Mee goreng mamak RM 5
Cheese naan RM 5.50
Singapore meehoon RM 6
Chicken rice RM 6
Oldtown coffee RM 5
Baby diapers unknown
Baby milk RM 90
Kancil RM 50,000 onwards, coz petrol saving car. WANTED
Everyone will start to consider cycling bicycle to work
Everyone prefer walking
Each car now will be in 7 instead 4
Opposition party will start to voice for rakyat
BN will think ways to calm rakyat down
The night before petrol kiosk will be full house with red white stripes sagas
A trip from Kuantan to KL RM 100
Bus fare from Kuantan to KL RM 20
Everyone will drive up to Genting more often, make money for petrol
There will be less enlarged exhaust car, jimat petrol
Another earthquake in M'sia after China

Ways to jimat petrol
1. Drive at 60km/h max!! but I doubt everyone will do that
2. Car pool, 7 people per car. hahahaha. share petrol mar
3. Driving low cc, buy Kancil. Do not get Merz
4. Shift gear earlier before reaching limit. Skill la dude! skill la. Unexplainable
5. Drive a manual instead auto. Do not be lazy or else pocket get messy
6. Change car tires often. Tires do affect car performances
7. Make sure tires at suitable pressure. Too low means more petrol usage, too hi means dangerous. You choose!!
8. Lastly, mix ur car petrol with water, sure can jimat one ^^

Diesel increase too. RM 1 to RM2.58 from RM1.58.

ps no.8 is not advisable.hahahaha
im not joking ar, read here in the Star

jimat = save
rakyat = civilian
Kancil = Perodua car, low cc

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Sunday, June 1, 2008