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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shots from House

Now you see what i see ^^

Stormy evening

Cloudy nite

Gonna get darker

Rain + Lil Light

Morning Dusk

Look at the water, mini mirror

Nice evening, Lets go jogging

All this pics was taken with my K800 and from a very same spot.


Angel Ooh said...

nice captures !

Chingy said...

hahaha. thx. im just a starter with my humble k800. ^^

kim0601 said...

nice pics...
never thought i can see ump in so many different weather and situations...
u should start investing in a better camera...
so that all of us can view ur nice captures in the future...~~

[XiAo He] said...

oi.... my dear housemate... since when u r so geng in capturing pics?? next time capture some lenglui pic and show us ya... wakaka~

Chingy said...

hahaha, i'll get a better cam in future, juggling with my pocket money now. xiao he, mayb i'll get u few la, but not all ^^. and now i got new idea for my new set of pics

lin said...