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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pesta Tanglung UMP: Candid Shots

Decoration Unit: They'll make anything so-so into pweittie. pweitie sky tho. ^^
Sponsorship Unit: money come in money in in, The most "quiet" unit coz no money no talk.
Program Unit: they run the program, they run the competition, they run to class everyday ;p
MT: The top Guys, introducting papas and mamas of the family. who say they are among those serious pple? they're just kiddos.
Editorial Unit: they make everyone famous. we're on magazines!!!!
Protocol Unit: we must sit according to the protocols, right then left. Look at them, they're just protocoling.
Expo Unit: Oooh, another big unit. They make things big during event day.
Souvenir Unit: they'll give everything to u for FREE. just take anything from them.

Tradisional Dance Team: We went DISCO every saturday nite.hahaha. joking ;p
Publicity Unit: Nice Shirt? ITS our design!!!
Season Drums Team: They couldn't find place to pose without DRUMS, thats why they're acting funny.
Logistic Unit: We find seats for everyone and finally We found ourselves a place to sit